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    Hello and welcome to credit Insider Club! We look forward to achieving excellent results for you.

    Credit Reports

    We can order merged or individual credit reports. Merged reports include all three bureaus - Equifax (EFX), Trans Union (TU), and TRW/Experian (EXP).

    Generally, we work on all accounts that are considered negative. Public records such as bankruptcies, tax liens, and judgements are always considered negative. Besides these, we have highlighted on your credit report any other items considered negative by the bureaus (i.e., collections, charge-offs, delinquencies, foreclosures). We will work on all of these items unless you tell us otherwise.


    Scoreboards list the names of all the negative accounts, the account number for each, and the fee per item. Toward the bottom of the page is a count of how many negative items you have and the total cost we will change if we are 100% successful. You will have three scoreboards, one for each credit bureau.

    We need you to sign, date, and then return all 3 scoreboards before we begin working on your file. If you do NOT want us to work on an account, please mark and initial it and adjust the total fee. You may scan and email, fax, or mail the signed scoreboards to us.

    Please note that the total fees do not include the cost of ordering new credit reports, or the removal of new negative accounts that may appear during the length of your contract with us.

    In order to get you the best results, we need you to pay off all unpaid collection accounts and resolve to pay all your open accounts on time - no more late payments. Collection accounts that have a balance are nearly impossible to have deleted.

    If you would like further information about how to deal with collection agencies, please call.


    Besides the membership fee and the cost for the initial reports, we generally invoice you as the the accounts are upgraded or deleted. You should expect to receive updated credit reports, form letters, and other correspondence from the credit bureaus 4-6 weeks after you sign up. We need to see everything the credit bureaus send you. If you would like, you can scan and email, fax, or mail to us. The sooner we get the updates from the credit bureaus, the sooner we can invoice you and then continue on our goal of getting all the negative and derogatory information upgraded or deleted from your credit report.

    Again, we are committed to getting you the best results possible. Please call if you have any questions concerning your account. Thank you and have a wonderful day!


    - Credit I nsider Club.


    Celebrating 21 years of success!

    Credit Insider Club is the Pacific Northwest's leading credit repair company and one of the most highly respected in the U.S. Our focus is to radically improve and then help maintain your credit rating – so that you can have access to all your lending needs.

    Our client base includes celebrities, professional athletes, Fortune 500 executives, and most importantly the small business owner – the lifeblood of the U.S. economy.

    We understand the needs of the small business owner and sole proprietor and the challenges of cash flow issues and non-paying accounts receivables.

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