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    Improve Your Credit in Portland, WA!

    Your credit score is one of the most important set of three digits you will ever have in your lifetime.

    Throughout your life, you may find your credit score to fluctuate unfavorably due to events that are beyond your control or not planned for correctly.

    Whether it is a change in income, divorce, birth of children, or any other major life altering event, Credit Insider Club is here to help you improve your credit.

    No matter what financial path your life leads you, your credit score will always be there!

    We have been helping the Portland, WA area residents with credit repair for over 21 years.

    Credit Insider Club is known for superior credit repair results and will have you back on track with the credit you deserve, fast.


    Portland Residents Fix Credit Score Fast


    Do not continue to pay extremely high interest rates or endure embarrassment when being turned down for a loan.

    Call Credit Insider Club today and start your journey to financial freedom and improve your credit!

    When it comes to credit repair, Credit Insider Club is your #1 source in Portland, OR.


    Don't Let A Low Credit Score Keep You Down!


    • Low Interest Rate Home Loan Approval

      • Refinance to Lower Interest Rates

        • Show Potential Employers a Respectable Credit Report

          • Start New Business

            • Drop Credit Card Interest Rates

              • Lower Auto Insurance Premiums

                • Lower Health Insurance Premiums



    Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

    Credit Insider Club knows that you do not deserve to be taken advantage of and pay higher rates or worse, be declined, just because a few minor setbacks have sent your credit score spiraling to low digits.

    Our financial consultants will strategically work with you to improve your credit and increase your credit score.

    Our proven methods for credit repair have propelled us to the top in our industry and today we are the leading credit repair company in the Portland, WA area.


    Improve Your Credit in Portland, WA


    Are you reviewing your credit score from the three credit bureaus and wondering how you will ever be able to improve your credit without paying thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars in the process?

    Hand your worries over to Credit Insider Club.

    After your initial consultation with one of our financial consultants, we will work diligently on your credit repair to improve your credit, while you sit back and relax.

    In just a matter of a few weeks, you will start to receive correspondence from credit bureaus and creditors informing you of bad credit being wiped from your records with them.

    You will be surprised as your credit score starts to soar to high digits so quickly.

    Bad credit doesn't just affect your ability to get a great interest rate on a loan.

    If you find your credit score to be in the low digits, this also will affect your ability to obtain a great new employment opportunity or rent a house and apartment.

    More and more, any type of company you do business with are reviewing your credit worthiness.

    Unfortunately if your credit score is low, you will be forced to pay higher interest rates, deposits, and in some cases, denied credit all together.

    Let the experts at Credit Insider Club take the worries off of your shoulders and improve your credit today!


    Improve Credit Score

    $500 membership*

    *Plus per item fees for each item removed only when they come off your reports


    • • Unlimited Disputes
    • • Cancel Anytime
    • • Personalized Representation
    • • Credit Insider Scorecards TM
    • • Monitoring Service
    • • Pay only for those items that are removed from your reports
    • • *$50 per collection and late pay
    • • *$75 per lien,judgment,charge off
    • • *$100 mortgage late pay
    • • *$250 bankruptcy

    We proudly represent residents in the Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue, and Tacoma, WA areas as well as anywhere in the United States.

    Don't let your credit report drag you down any further. Call us today to begin climbing to the top!


    Gold Plan ($ 500 to join plus per item charges)